Crédito y Caución guarantees non-payment risk for the trade operations of your company, both in domestic and export activities.

It is the leading company in its sector in the Iberian Peninsula with a market share in Spain of 60%, and 32% in Portugal, being the fourth largest group in international rankings.
The company is backed up by a strong panel of reinsurers, made up of Spanish and foreign companies, including:

• Swiss Re
• Münchener Rückversicherung Gesellschaft
• Hannover Rück
• Seguros Catalana Occidente, S.A.
• Partner Re
• N.V. Nationale Borg Maatschappij
• Scor Re
• Sirius international
• OND Ducroire

Crédito y Caución has a database of economic, financial and commercial information that is kept permanently up to date with over 50 million company entries. The company insures more than 10% of the Spanish Gross Domestic Product.

Each insured can obtain an instant response from anywhere in the world to credit limit enquiries through the CYCRED® on-line service, enabling you to optimise your client portfolio management.

In 1934, Crédito y Caución was co-founder of the Berne Union, the
most important grouping of insurance companies and state agencies for export credit insurance.

Since 1930 it has been a member of the ICISA (International Credit Insurance and Surety Association), the main association of international credit and surety companies.

It is also a member of the Associación Panamericana de Fianzas (PASA - Panamerican Surety Association), whose members specialise in credit and bonding, and which has a particularly strong presence in Latin America.

Moody's has given it an "A3" solvency rating.

Atradius Group, with presence in 42 countries.